Services Rendered by Monene Civils(Pty) Ltd

Specialists in Civil Engineering


Water Reticulation
We construct reticulation systems which carry water for domestic and industrial purposes through pipe lines which include: House connections and water meters.

Reticulation Sewer
Is a network of pipes including property connection sewers nominally up to and including DN300 that receives sewage from customer properties.

We construct drainage systems which collect runoff from Impervious surfaces (e.g. roofs and roads) to ensure that water is effectively conveyed to waterways through pipe networks. Included are pipe culverts, box culverts and concrete channels.

Internal Road
Construction of internal roads complete with layer works, kerbing, stormwater and surfacing (asphalt, paving and gravel).

Bulk Earthworks
Bulk Earthworks is the removal, adding or shifting of soil/earth at a particular area. Work includes platforms for factories, shopping centres, multi-story buildings, parking areas and earth dams.

Construction of roads complete with layer works, kerbing, stormwater and surfacing.

Outfall Sewer
Outfall Sewer is your bulk collection of sewer for all internal sewer lines.

Bulk Water Line
The Construction of bulk lines using various materials including uPVC, HDPE High Impact, TPVC, Prv's, Bulk Meters and Air Valves.